In the USA, today is known as Independence Day, remembering the struggles beginning in 1776 for freedom. Other countries have a similar celebrations of their own history and the foundation for their modern society.

In the American case (perhaps others, too), the purpose and the mission of the struggle was well-defined in advance. They were going to, in the words of the Declaration of Independence, “pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor” to the overthrow of tyranny. They saw freedom as being worth all the risks involved.

Their goal was freedom, in all its manifestations:
• Freedom of conscience
• Freedom of decision-making
• Freedom to dream of improving your position in life
• Freedom to work, in your own way, toward your dream; to pursue the happiness you dream of.

The result has been a country where free enterprise has flourished. That’s evident in our own online industry, the food industry, the entertainment industry and many more.

And the success of American entrepreneurs has spilled over into other countries due to outsourcing, due to work visas for immigrants, due people around the world who watched successful American entrepreneurs and followed their examples.

There are other success stories in other countries, of course, and I want to give them full credit for what they have accomplished. But on this day that is so special for America, let’s give a cheer for the movement started in 1776 that has flourished for nearly 250 years, bringing freedom and abundance to the country and improving lives around the world.

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