Video is an incredible tool when it comes to marketing and promotion of your products and services. You can increase your business performance with the right use of video content.

The Google Ad Manager’s Jamie Jordan has shared three ways to improve video viewability and grow revenue.

Jordan says, “Higher viewability can lead to better viewing experiences for users, better results for advertisers, and increased demand, fill rates, and revenue for publishers. In fact, increasing the viewability of video ads from 50 percent to 90 percent can result in more than an 80 percent revenue uplift for publishers (averaged across desktop and mobile sites) according to internal data.

To help publishers capture these opportunities and improve the viewability of their instream video ads on websites and apps, we’ve identified the 3 P’s of viewability—premium experiences, placement, and player.

1. Premium experiences, everywhere people are watching

A premium video experience can drive more value for your viewers and make your video ad inventory more appealing to advertisers. By making your videos load quickly, easy to find, and offering captivating content across screens, viewers will keep returning to your platform and your viewability rates can increase”.

3 ways to improve video viewability and grow revenue

Google Ad Manager

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