When it comes to social media marketing and advertising, Facebook still ranks high as one of the most preferred social media advertising platforms.

The Search Engine Journal contributor Amy Bishop has shared an article highlighting 13 Facebook ad objectives which can help you to better prepare your ads.

Bishop says, “A Guide to Each Facebook Ad Objective: When to Use Each & Your Bidding Options

1. Store Traffic Objective

The store traffic objective isn’t exactly as it sounds. This objective is really geared toward chains.

If you wanted to drive local awareness for multiple brick-and-mortar locations or to help people contact the right location, this objective could be a good option.

According to Facebook Ads Help Center:

“The store traffic objective is available to any business with multiple physical stores, restaurants, dealerships or other places of business. You can use this objective to reach people within a set distance of each of your locations and help them find or contact the location closest to them.”

With the store traffic objective, you can create customized ads for each of your locations and deliver them to people nearby to theoretically increase store visits and sales”.

Read all the Facebook ad objectives on the following page.

A Guide to Facebook’s 13 Facebook Ad Objectives: When to Use Each

Search Engine Journal

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