The Hallam contributor Leo Worsley has published a new guide called ‘How to set up Google Shopping’.

This guide offers a comprehensive explanation on setting up Google Shopping and using it correctly.

Justifying why to use Google Shopping, Worsley says, “When you combine the capabilities of Pay-Per-Click advertising, where tech-savvy digital marketers can optimise the delivery of your adverts to the most appropriate audiences and only pay for actual clicks on adverts, with the fact that Google’s Search Engine has a global search market share of approximately 92%, you can pretty much bet that advertising via Google Shopping will pay dividends.

In my opinion, Google Shopping is a complete no-brainer. Yes, my opinion is probably biased – so let’s add some context to my claim and demonstrate the journey of somebody looking to purchase a king-sized bed in grey.

Naturally, many of us in our “want-to-buy” moment, will turn to our devices and Google something along the lines of “king size bed grey”. That instinctive “Google it” process alone makes it worth advertising for, since the user’s intention is already largely qualified”.

How to set up Google Shopping: a complete guide

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