Here at IM NewsWatch we see hundreds of ads daily because we subscribe to virtually all the product creator newsletters (and dozens of affiliates) in our niche of online marketing.

We need to see this marketing content so we keep up to date, but a lot of it is really poor. The writers often don’t have a good grasp of English and often don’t have a clear understanding of how to write text that fits together and has a logical progression from thought to thought.

It looks unprofessional and (more important, for a marketer) it loses its persuasive power. What the writer thought was a sentence making a good point was actually something that could not be understood.

Any online marketer needs Essential Business Writing Skills. These skills are the foundation for any marketing content.

You could take a university course in English composition, followed by a course in creative writing and finishing with a course in sales technique.

Or, you could take advantage of training offered by Sharyn Sheldon, currently available at a special sale price, that shows you how to quickly get up to speed as a business writer.

Don’t underestimate the importance of good writing. As Sheldon says:

The written word is one of the most powerful forms of communication available.

We use writing to connect with others throughout our business – from email, blog posts, social media, and sales copy to reports, proposals, courses, and web pages.

However,…If your writing isn’t professional and engaging, you lose credibility and turn away customers.

Poorly written content leaves people wondering what your point was or what they’re supposed to do.

Maybe that is why you aren’t making the sales you are capable of.

Sheldon’s course will help you to:
► Ensure your writing resonates with your audience and achieves your goal
► Make it easy for your readers to follow and understand your message
► Build an effective connection through your words and tone of voice
► Write persuasively, so that your readers will be encouraged to take a specific action
► Write freely while getting your point across in an organized flow
► Project professionalism and attention to detail
► And much more.

You could hire someone with these skills, but it would be hard to find a person like that, as a temporary writer, who also understands your business as well as you do so they could convey your message. That’s why you need Essential Business Writing Skills.

Sheldon offers three versions of this training:
a. The Beacon version, which gives you the training you need to become an effective business writer, including:
 • The Course Book,
 • The Action Guide with the action steps for implementation,
 • The Commonly Confused Words Handout,
 • A Business Writing Checklist,
 • The Summary Cheat Sheet,
 • and more.

b. The Blaze version, which gives you all that plus all you need to teach others to become effective business writers, themselves. This includes:
 • Handouts,
 • Lead generation materials,
 • A slide presentation with speaker’s notes,
 • and much more.

c. The Flash version, which is for people who already have the writing skills, teaching skills and course content. They just need to find people to attend their course. These lead generation materials can bring people into your class.

You can read all about this new training (available for a few days at a 67% discount) here: Essential Business Writing Skills.

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