xpress Funnels Setting up an e-commerce site for the first time is no picnic when you do it all yourself. That’s why you may want to look into xPressFunnels PRO.

This cloud-based software, just released by Glynn Kosky, builds professional, deep, funnels automatically, based on the information you enter.

You can have your store up and running in moments after you enter the information about what you want to sell.

By using this software, you can avoid the monthly charges from store builders like Shopify because this software has no monthly fees.

The system comes with high converting proven sales page templates you cn use to highlight the products you want to sell.

The easiest way to find products to sell is to use Ali Express, Amazon, Walmart, etsy or eBay to locate an interesting product in your niche. The software is set up to assist. Repeat the process for several more products that relate to the first.

Enter these products, along with your payment processor information, into xPressFunnels PRO. It will build the web pages you need and link them together properly so that your customer is taken from one product to another in the sequence you specify.

Here are the advantages of this system:
► It is quick and easy enough for an absolute beginner.
► You don’t have to pay for products until your customer has paid you.
► Your profit is the difference between what you pay and the amount you sell the product for. Especially, for Ali Express products that difference can be very big.
► The items are drop-shipped to your customer directly from the wholesale merchant. Yu don’t have to handle the shipping process, saving time and money.
► It integrates with your autresponder, so you can collect the contact information for your customers. So you can send other offers to them for additional sales.

In case you are wondering how you get people to view your offers, Instant Low-Cost Traffic System training is included at no extra cost.

To cap it all off, we have arranged for our readers to get a bonusthat Kosky doesn’t offer if you buy directly from him:
Glynn Kosky Info Product Vault: Access to 17 Best Selling information products created by Glynn and his team. Each product in this bonus details a variety of traffic generation methods. You’ll get the link on your WarriorPlus download page.

If you want your own e-commerce store without the expense of Shopify, get the details on this new software: xPressFunnels PRO.

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