Michael Cheney's Gold Rush Michael Cheney has just released new training that he calls The Gold Rush. In it, he shows you where the money is online and how to get it.

The Gold Rush is a series of eye-opening videos showing you the quickest way to go from just starting out to making commissions online without having to spend a dime on marketing.

This affiliate marketing training is just right for a beginner because it’s easy to digest.

On top of that, he will be giving away $5000 in cold, hard cash to one lucky “Gold Rusher”. They’ll collect “clues” during the training and, based on their clues, one person will get $5000 from Cheney.

The Gold Rush includes video training (including screen capture videos), reports and bonus “Insider Training”.

This collection of detailed training videos gives you everything you need to start making commissions online even if you are just starting out.

Cheney will present a live training webinar, as well, to supplement the videos. Don’t miss this webinar since this is where Cheney will give away the $5000 in cash that he has up for grabs.

The whole package, including bonuses and the live call, is under $10, so it is within your budget. Check it out here: The Gold Rush.

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