Freemium is an interesting word. It’s a “neologism” (look it up) that describes a business model many online marketing companies (especially small ones) are using. It’s a combination of “free” and “premium”.

The idea is that the company offers a free product. That product is useful and can be used as long a the user likes. In addition, the company offers a premium version of the product for sale. Some customers of the free version decide they want the extra features only available in the premium version and upgrade.

The goal, of course, is that the premium version is so attractive that many customers decide to upgrade.

One of the most famous (among online marketers and their tech staffs, they are famous, at least) is Yoast. They offer a world-famous SEO plugin for WordPress. If you have a WP website, there’s a good chance you have the Yoast plugin on your site; we do.

One company we learned about that is employing the freemium business model is Happy Themes. They have developed 23 WordPress themes for a variety of uses.

All of the Happy Themes are available both in a free version and in a premium version. The nice thing about their premium version is that they are filled with robust functionality, and the cost &emdash; well, they aren’t free, but they are inexpensive, especially if you buy the bundle of all 23, instead of just upgrading the one you are using.

To make this collection even more affordable, if you decide to upgrade, use coupon code SAVE50 to cut your cost in half.

And, if you choose the Lifetime Support version, you get access to all the additional themes they create in coming years, included at no additional cost.

Check out all 23 themes here: Happy Themes.

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