Today, at 10:00 EST, Ankur Shukla is releasing software that will make it simple to create videos to improve the results of your marketing.

He calls the software WP Video Machine, and it is a fully automated video creator for WordPress.

He has put a lot into this new app, and it shows. Look at what it can do for you:

► Turns any blog post into a Video (with 1 click) to get you free traffic and backlinks from Youtube
► Create long or short videos for each article
► Automatically fetches images from your post; finds more images based on tags; searches 1,000,000+ free images
► Automatically convert your text to voice-over to create narrated videos using Male & Female voices in 9 languages
► Simple to install because it’s a WordPress plugin
► Automatically Uploads Video to Youtube after video is created.
► Automatically adds relevant Tags to every video
► Automatically creates your video title and description
► Automatically adds a backlink to your blog post
► Supports 1-Click Social Sharing for more free traffic
► Enables adding the YouTube video to your original post with 1-Click

That’s breadth of capability, but the biggest advantage is that you don’t need to be an expert to use it: no technical skills, no learning curve, just click click and you are done.

And one more thing: the license for WP Video Machine authorizes use for all your sites.

With Shukla’s help, we have arranged three special bonuses for our readers:
1. WP Social Traffic including a Reseller License
2. WP Tweet Machine 2 including a Reseller License
3. WP Trendpressr, including a White Label License

We have uploaded access information to JV Zoo, where you will find it along with the access to the product.

Feb 18 is the day of launch. Check it out here: WP Video Machine.

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