The term programmatic buying refers to the process of using algorithms to process the purchases online. It has been an in thing for several years now.

As we have already entered in the new year, its time to go through the ways we can enhance our programmatic buying efforts.

Econsultancy team has shared seven best practices to help brands and marketers. The inputs are based on a roundtable.

Highlighting the importance of first party data, Jeff Rajeck says, “Marketers getting started with programmatic buying were advised by experts to look at first-party data, or the data which the brand itself has collected.

Data which helps with programmatic buying includes past campaign data, web analytics, CRM sales data and even data from the call centres. Industry experts also said that, before starting with programmatic buying, marketers should analyse their first party data in combinations and see what segments they could create”.

Getting started with programmatic buying in 2019


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