You site’s landing page works as the entry point for prospects and customers. It lets you make them aware with your product portfolio and special offers.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Sara McGuire has shared seven visual tactics you can use to improve the performance of your landing pages.

McGuire says, “Visuals provide subtle and subconscious indicators that help visitors choose to act. They can complement text to make a more convincing case, or they can replace text for a quicker impact.

Here are seven tried-and-true types of visuals, often used for product-focused marketing, to help your content-focused landing page convert.

1.   Show an intangible object in something tangible

There’s a satisfaction that comes with being able to unwrap a package and hold an object in your hands. But content offerings usually are digital products. To create a sense of what your visitors will receive, show your digital content inside physical items (like a smartphone or other device).

That strategy aligns with research we conducted at Venngage about Facebook ads that convert. The second-best performing variation featured a physical representation (the best performing variation featured a meme, to our surprise)”.

These 7 Visual Tactics Can Boost Landing Page Conversions

Content Marketing Institute