The Econsultancy team recently conducted a roundtable discussion to find out what marketers think of SEO and SEM in 2019.

Jeff Rajeck has shared the facts revealed during the roundtable.

Highlighting how marketers expressed their concerns over the SEO and SEM, Rajeck says, “Across the board, attendees said that the two are closely linked.  SEM helps SEO by raising site ranking on search engines by increasing site visits and backlinks. Then, once traffic has hit a certain level, marketers have found that SEO can help brands reduce their spending on SEM.

One of the goals of SEO, it seems, is to reduce the amount that brands have to pay to get people to visit their site.  Attendees agreed, though, that this is a long-term goal and is something which marketers have to work hard toward to achieve”.

What marketers think of SEO and SEM in 2019


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