Experiential marketing campaigns help you cultivate customer loyalty and retain them for longer period. This form of marketing provides the customers with a close feeling of what you are offering them with.

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Jeff Snyder has shared four content strategies to make your experiential marketing campaigns stand out.

Snyder says, “Want to make your marketing more “experiential”? Give any experiential marketing campaign a boost with these four content strategies:

1. Leverage the voice of everyday consumers.

People tend to trust other people over brands, and that’s true whether they’re close to them or not. Nielsen found that 83 percent of people it surveyed took action based on recommendations from friends and family. And according to TINT, 75 percent of people in its study believed that user-generated content is more authentic.

Brands can benefit from these findings by leaning on the voices of brand advocates and other experiential attendees. These people can spread the word via user-generated content; in today’s society, that usually means social media posts from everyday people”.

4 Content Strategies Every ‘Experiential’ Campaign Needs


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