Today is the era of video when it comes to branding and marketing. And for creating best performing videos you need to make them appealing.

Salma Jafri has published a video featuring Nick Nimmin sharing some useful tips on creating visually appealing videos.

Jafri says, “One of the best ways to build a brand that stands out from the crowd is to look and sound different from everyone else. But what are some proven ways that will make your brand stand out in a good way?

In today’s show I have a very special guest – Nick Nimmin – who’s going to show you how to build a visual brand on YouTube (pssst, you can apply his “visual authority* techniques to any video channel.)

Nick has over 34,000 subscribers currently on his channel and is a prolific video creator, graphic designer and all-round charismatic business personality. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy his ball-of-energy video”.

How to Make your Videos Visually Appealing

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