Learning from what has done an extraordinary job is a way to achieve the success for sure. In marketing too we need to stay open to learn and apply.

HubSpot contributor Carla Cook has shared 13 influencer marketing campaigns to help marketers create their own campaigns.

Cook says, “To give you an idea of how brands — both big and small — are leveraging the power of influencers in their marketing efforts, we’ve put together a list of ten influencer-driven campaigns. Check them out below and decide for yourself: Is influencer marketing worth the hype?

1. Sprint: #LiveUnlimited

Influencers: Lele Pons, Gerard Adams, Prince Royce, Bradley Martyn, Rachel Cook

Not only did Sprint cause Verizon’s famous “can you hear me now?” guy to switch to Sprint, but the company has collaborated with musicians, entrepreneurs, and actors to gain the attention of a massive young audience.

Its latest influencer campaign uses the hashtag #LiveUnlimited, and features people who have massive social media presences. The best part is these people naturally embody the appearance and lifestyle of #LiveUnlimited. Elite Daily founder Gerard Adams and internet personality Lele Pons are just two of them”.

13 Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Inspire and Get You Started With Your Own

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