Promotion and sales of your products and services depends on how effectively you have planned your marketing campaigns. A well-planned marketing agenda can help you easily establish in a new market.

Forbes contributor Alejandro Cremades has shared a six-step guide to help you prepare an efficient marketing plan.

Cremades says, “What steps are involved in creating a highly effective marketing plan for a startup business?

As a startup, 90% of your success is going to fall on the shoulders of your marketing. That applies even if you are doing no big paid marketing or display campaigns. The number of users you can attract, how much you can charge for your product, and the funds you can raise are all outcomes of marketing.

1) Know Where You Want To Go

To craft a marketing plan that works, you need to know what it should do for you. What’s the ultimate goal in terms of users, coverage, profits and an exit for your company?

Knowing this will help craft every part of your plan, and ensure these components will get you there. That isn’t just the volume you want, but whether the brand and reach you are creating will have the wings to reach that altitude at all”.

How To Create A Marketing Plan

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