Email stands tall as one of the most reliable tools for marketing. Also it has been one of the most practiced marketing trend.

With changing times and increasing prospects it is high time we put the email marketing on automation so that we could reach out the subscribers in real time.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Dennis Shiao has shared six ways to help marketers improve their email automation efforts.

Shiao says, “Brands earn $38 for every $1 they invest in email marketing programs, according to Email Marketing ROI: The Factors That Lead to Better Returns, a research report published by Litmus.

In other words, brands generate a 3,800% ROI on email marketing.

Yet, emfluence’s Email Marketing 2018 Benchmarks Report shares that organizations are slow to adopt email marketing automation – only 2% of emails sent by B2B organizations and 3% for B2C organizations are automated.

Jessica Best references these statistics in her Content Marketing World presentation, Email Marketing Automation at Every Level“.

Cook Up Email Marketing Automation With These 6 Recipes

Content Marketing Institute
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