Machine learning helps you interprete the data and take required action to get new customers and serve the existing ones.

AdWeek contributor Jay Seideman has shared four ways you can use to improve your brand performance.

Seideman says, “Machine learning can empower brands to make smarter ad buys to reach beyond the device. Finding customers where they are requires a diverse set of accurate data signals combined with sophisticated targeting and modeling capabilities. Successful brands know how to distinguish unique value from the buzz surrounding machine learning and use data to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Here are four questions to ask yourself about machine learning as you look to maximize the impact of your performance advertising solutions.

How accurate and diverse are the data points?

The effectiveness of machine learning comes down to data. Quality data has become a focus area in the past year, with 84 percent of marketers citing accuracy as a critical concern. Highly accurate data points are a must, but so are diverse data sources from places like email, search, apps, user registration, content consumption and more. Data shouldn’t come from audience alone, either—for the most accurate depiction, consider leveraging deep-site segmentation from both supply and demand”.

4 Ways Machine Learning Can Elevate Your Brand


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