Making your brand stand out in a crowd is a challenge and you can’t ignore it. Though you have an outstanding product in your organization, the initial period is going to make you face the branding issues.

Entrepreneur contributor Rachna Baruah has shared seven steps to help marketers establish and promote their brand effectively.

Baruah says, “To simplify the entire hullabaloo about what needs to be done to create a seamless and an unforgettable brand experience, I have noted down a few tricks that can help you push your brand ahead of the clutter with little or no money (sounds enticing, doesn’t it?):

Define your brand – What is your business offering? Who is your target audience? What gap are you bringing in the market that doesn’t already have a solution? These are a few questions you need to ask as you sit down to draw the course with your company. Be honest about what you are offering to your customers and why they would come to you as opposed to another existing player. Reach out to customers in unique, novel ways. Be consistent in your approach but do not get repetitive.

Package your look and feel – What do you think of when you visualize a glowing bitten apple or when somebody says the word “whopper”? The power of a brand lies in creating strong visual experiences for their customers. Be it a logo that is simple, original and yet powerful or your website that becomes an extension of what the company style and vision is”.

Learn the Art of Marketing Your Brand with Little or No Budget


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