Marketing Land contributor Robin Kurzer has highlighted three distinct points from Facebook’s quarter 3 earnings report.

Kurzer says, “In addition reporting lower-than-expected revenue growth in the third-quarter, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was uncharacteristically blunt about many of the challenges facing the company. It was an effort to set Wall Street expectations, but there are takeaways for marketers, too.

Here are some of the highlights:

Usage is up … in emerging markets. Facebook’s reach in North America and Europe has essentially hit a saturation point. The question has been what daily active users (DAUs) would look like in the wake of a steady stream of negative headlines about social media generally and Facebook specifically. A Pew study in September found a marked decline in user engagement on Facebook.

Facebook reported DAU growth in its least profitable markets — those outside the U.S. and Canada and Europe. Daily usage in Europe has dropped slightly for the second consecutive quarter”.

3 things marketers should know about Facebook’s Q3 earnings

Marketing Land

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