Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been an integral part of the marketing ecosystem. It helps you boost your marketing efforts and enhance your sales.

ReadWrite contributor Evan Loring has highlighted how the AI is helping sales people to win at sales and keep their customers happy.

Loring says, “Here’s a closer look at how sales reps and their managers are harnessing the power of AI to gain an edge over competitors and delight their customers.

AI-Assisted Selling for Speed

When you aren’t selling, you’re likely losing productive hours. Everything that contributes to developing and closing a sale is a step in the right direction. All other steps that you are currently using in your sales funnel — everything — puts you farther from your ultimate goal.

The information flows right to you.

An AI system that automatically coordinates incoming and outgoing data with your CRM saves you valuable time. By putting information at your fingertips instead — of forcing you to enter it by hand.


Automation will log activity, monitors traffic, prioritizes emails for you and track new contacts. This frees you from administrative tasks that currently soak up too much time”.

How AI Will Help Sales Representatives

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