Delivering a great customer experience is an agenda of every organization but a few are able to satisfy their customers. Communication and urgency are the two things to consider when it comes to delivering a great customer experience.

Entrepreneur contributor Promit Sanyal has shared five mistakes that the marketers make in delivering an effective customer experience.

Sanyal says, “While the jury is still out on what really constitutes a successful customer experience strategy, a careful study of global organisations and their failures provide strong and foolproof insights on what needs to be avoided. Here are the 5 key mistakes organisations need to avoid

1. CX as a tactic…instead of a culture – Thinking of CX as a tactic to win over customers is the biggest mistakes any firm can make. CX is not a tactic…it’s a culture that needs to be embedded deep within an organization and only then will it deliver results. Think about Taj Hotels…a premium hospitality brand which redefines great customer experience for all, to such an extent that even in the face of adversity like the unfortunate 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, almost every employee put the customers’ lives before their own. That happens only when the customer experience DNA is ingrained into every employee.

2. The ‘we know better hubris’ – One of the biggest pitfalls of being a senior leader in a business is that you tend to believe that by virtue of experience “”.

Five Mistakes That Mess up Your Customer Experience Strategy


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