Buffer’s Alfred Lua has shared an retweeting experiment he conducted on Twitter. He claims that the experiment helped him generate 90% more clicks.

Lua says, “The goal of our experiment is to see if retweeting our best-performing tweets could become part of our Twitter strategy. We had two success criteria:

  • Retweeting our own tweets should substantially increase the reach and engagement of each tweet. One of my hypotheses is that the retweet could reach a different audience when it is retweeted at a different time from when the original tweet was published. The second hypothesis is that the existing likes and retweets on the tweet act as social proof, which makes more people want to engage with it. When they do, the Twitter algorithm would, then, show the tweet to even more people.
  • Our followers should find this acceptable. We were looking out for comments on our retweets to see if our followers noticed the retweeting and had an opinion on it.

We had a very straightforward plan:

  1. Tweet like we have been
  2. After one to two days of tweeting, use the analytics in Buffer to a top tweet from recent days
  3. Record the performance of that tweet by taking a screenshot of the stats
  4. Buffer that top tweet to be retweeted one to two days later
  5. After one to two days again, record the performance of the retweet”.

The Simple Twitter Strategy That Helped Us Generate 90% More Clicks