According to Econsultancy, the organisations that have large volumes of content and a high amount of onsite buyer interactions can generate the first party intent data.

It is the process of identification of the visitors to the websites and then targeting them.

Andrew Davies has shared three steps that can help b2b organizations in creating the first-part buyer intent data.

Davies says, “B2B organisations that want to generate their own first party buyer intent data need to have (or start producing) large volumes of content. Intent is captured from buyer research and in a complex, prolonged sales cycles, content is the vehicle through expertise and credibility is built, relationships are nurtured, and buyer research is done. This is particularly the case for asset management firms, information services companies and technology businesses with myriad product offerings and buyer personas.

Becoming a brand publisher required businesses to move from a product-focus to a content focus, providing content that is informational and meets buyer needs. Barclaycard Business Solutions is a notable example of a B2B business that has become a “brand publisher” and are publishing on a wide breadth of topics for their business audience”.

How B2B organisations can create first-party buyer intent data

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