Snapchat has grown and still a growing platform that offers great opportunities to the marketers to connect with new audiences online. This social network with the help of influencers has created a new dimension in the marketing.

Entrepreneur contributor Inna Semenyuk has shared four Snapchat marketing strategies to get better results for your efforts.

Semenyuk says, “A study by Clutch and Smart Insights found that 89 percent of businesses are on Facebook, 83 percent are on LinkedIn, 80 percent are on Twitter and 56 percent are on Instagram. However, just 21 percent of companies have Snapchat accounts. This creates a huge opportunity for your brand to reach new customers.

Whether you are building a following organically or utilizing Snap Ads, make sure your content on Snapchat is fun and engaging. Start following accounts of the brands you love (and not necessarily those of your competitors) and take a note of the tools, techniques and type of content they use to engage with their followers.

Experiment with the types of Snaps you share, ask for and pay attention to feedback from your followers, and double down on the content that generates the most engagement and results”.

Leave Your Competition in the Dust With These Snapchat Marketing Strategies


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