User engagement leads to marketing success as you are able to reach them out fully. With multiple tactics you can improve your user engagement, but have you tried it with the content?

Marketing Land contributor Kristopher Jones has shared eight tactics that can help you improve your user engagement with the help of content.

Talking about the use engagement metrics, Jones says, “The most common set of user engagement metrics that correlate to content relevance and quality is:

  • Click-through rate.
  • Pages per session.
  • Average website visit duration.
  • Customer acquisitions.
  • Conversion rate (subscribing, click-to-call and so on).
  • Bounce rate.
  • The number of sessions per user.
  • Social signals.

There are also more obvious signals, such as a user leaving a comment in the comments section or rating your content”.

8 ways to use content to skyrocket user engagement

Marketing Land

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