In the technology-driven sales and marketing era it is important to establish a rapport with your customers. It helps your brand inprove the customer loyalty and get a boost in terms of sales.

Econsultancy columnist Gregg Johnson has sharef three advantages of combining digital self-service with a human touch. These tips can help you strengthen your marketing efforts.

Johnson says, “Digital self-service makes a lot of sense. Consumers can make purchases and resolve simple issues without waiting in line or on hold; tasks that previously took hours are completed in seconds. Meanwhile, self-service allows brands to focus more on innovation, creative marketing, and new digital experiences and less on interacting directly with customers. It has changed the way we shop and the way we live — often for the better.

Self-service has also raised consumers’ expectations for seamless, simple, and personalized experiences. A study by Accenture found that around half of customers who have a poor experience with a brand will stop doing business with that company entirely.

The stakes are exceptionally high for considered purchases like mortgages, investments, insurance, travel or cars, and there is an opportunity for brands to extend a human hand to help consumers when they need it most, and help calm the angst that the digital self-service world can cause”.

Why brands need to combine digital self-service with a human touch

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