Content development is a creative process that requires you to have an learning attitude. Also you have to face the challenges of getting your content liked by the search engines and finally by your customers.

Marketing Land contributor Megan Krause has shared ten points to help marketers create effective content and publish it.

Krause says, “Here are 10 ways (plus one bonus tip) to perfect your content before you press that “publish” button.

1. Optimize for keyword search

The goal of your content should always be to provide something of value to your readers so trust in your brand increases. This means when they’re ready to purchase, your brand will be top of mind.

To get content seen, it must be optimized for keywords people are searching for. Wolfgang Digital’s 2016 study of 87 million website sessions of e-commerce brands found 43 percent of traffic comes from organic Google search.

Use keyword research to discover popular terms and long-tail phrases that can inspire content. Make sure those terms are placed relevantly in header tags and throughout the content but don’t keyword-stuff. As long as the terms are used naturally and relevantly, you’ll be fine”.

Content manager checklist: 10 things to do before you hit publish

Marketing Land

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