In a recent blog post Snapchat has published statistics revealing the holiday habits of its users. It highlights how and where the Snapchatter spend their money during the holidays.

The Snapchat Insights team says, “Few audiences love to shop more for the holidays, or start earlier, than Snapchatters. In 2017, we learned that they bought 20% more gifts than the average consumer who doesn’t use Snapchat.1 And on Black Friday, Snapchatters are 64% more likely to start holiday shopping than Non-Snapchatters.1 So, it comes as no surprise that last year, US Snapchatters made 850M shopping trips on Black Friday weekend.2

Of those trips, we found that teen Snapchatters were more likely to shop at apparel stores, and Snapchatters 21 years and older were more likely to frequent big box stores2  — potentially for bigger ticket items. Overall, Victoria’s Secret and Target saw the largest uptick in foot traffic volume, with Snapchatters being over 12 times more likely to visit on Black Friday”.

Holiday Habits: How Snapchatters Spend Their Time and Money

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