Personalization helps you improve the customers response and boosts your marketing revenue. You can personalize your marketing efforts in all the forms you might be using.

Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared seven useful facts about the importance of personalization in marketing.

Gilliland says, “Pure360’s research suggests that that basic personalisation fails to engage consumers in any real way. Just 8% of survey respondents said that they would be encouraged to engage with a retail brand if they addressed them by their first name. Similarly, only 7% said they would be likely to engage with a birthday email.

Infosys research backs up this desire for better personalisation, revealing that 31% of surveyed consumers say they wish their shopping experience was far more personalised than it currently is.

Segment’s 2017 State of Personalisation Report also states that just 22% of shoppers are satisfied with the level of personalisation they currently receive, meaning a larger number of brands are failing to create experiences that actually inspire consumers to make a purchase.

And they’re willing to give away data to get it…

But what about the privacy vs. personalisation debate? On one hand, customers desire greater personalisation, but they’re also concerned about ‘creepy’ use of data, right?”.

12 stats that prove why personalisation is so important

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