There’s new email software (with human support to do a lot of the work for you) just announced. It’s called SnapMailPro, and it is the only Done-for-You Email Marketing solution.

They not only are offering innovative email software; they will do the work to get the software ready to use in your business.

With SnapMailPro and their set-up help, you’ll earn more profits, save time, and eliminate technology-related hassles.

The SnapMailPro team is experienced in email marketing and implements the best email practices when they work for you, including:
• segmentation,
• A/B testing,
• automation,
• and more.

If you are an expert in these discilines, you may not need them, but even experts only have 24 hours a day and then have to call in a support team. If you are a beginner, they can get you up and running immediately, while you are learning the ropes.

This expert team will build and send your emails and newsletters.

They also create segmentation, tags and automation to maximize your orders.

But the team isn’t all you are getting with SnapMailPro.
The software that is included offers many benefits:
► Opt-in forms and squeeze pages for your mailing list
► Sales pages with built-in PayPal and Stripe payment buttons and offering 1-click upsells
► CompleteSales funnels (functions include upsell pages and downsell pages supporting 1-click upsell
► Autoresponder email sequences
► Behavior-based automation (take automated action when the user opens, clicks, orders, or watches video). Also, you can add a tag, add the subscriber to another list, and do other actions.
► A/B testing for opt-in forms, squeeze pages, and broadcast emails
► Segmentation and tags

Their Done-for-You service takes care of the initial set-up and handles the data import from your current email provider.

But it gets even better. Once your system is set up, the team will run it for you. You give their experts a mission using plain English. and they take it from there.

For example, you can tell them, “First, end my newsletter on Wednesday morning to my newsletter list and my buyers list, and then, on the sales page, put a countdown timer for Friday at 11 PM. By the way, when you snd the newsletter, use email template 5”.

When they get your request, one of the with SnapMailPro team builds the email, adds a timer to the sales page, and sends the email to the lists you specify. Before they send it, you can review it and ask for any needed changes.

Their experts are selected, trained, and certified by SnapMailPro. They take complete responsibility for doing the work and assuring the quality of their work.

To make this an offer you won’t refuse, they are offering a remarkable trial offer. You can have a 14-day trial for only $1. If it is starting to work for you in these two weeks, you can renew for as long as you like for a reasonable monthly fee.

Anybody can take advantage of more automation. Check out this unqiue service here: SnapMailPro.

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