Speed is critical for website success. Users won’t put up with slow sites, and search engines downgrade them.

Savvy webmasters use a cache to store a “predigested” version of the most important data on their site, so that data can be delivered with minimal processing when a visitor clicks on it.

The data is processed in advance, so that less processing needed while the visitor is waiting for results.

There are several well-known caches for WordPress sites, The two best-known are Total Cache and Super Cache.

Viper Cache was just released and may prove the be the fastest cache ever. In fact, the creators say you can “Make Your WordPress Sites up to 10x Faster In 1 Click With The Only Cache That Doesn’t Slow Your Server.”

In fact, they have a video showing the effect of caching on a website. They ran speed tests with Viper Cache active, then again with a competitor active and then again with no cache active. Both cache product handily beat the uncached version of the site, but they report that Viper Cache cut an additional 43% off the delay of their competitor.

Viper Cache is based on one of the most reliable cache engines on the planet; it’s inherently fast. In addition:

• It doesn’t play “fast and loose” with your themes or plugins so it gets along with most other WP products you might use.
• It couldn’t be simpler to use. Most caches have lots of arcane settings you bon’t understand. Viper Cache has fewer settings than any competitive product.
• It’s built on a secure framework which reduces the potential for hacking, a major problem for most WP sites.
• It includes smart cache clearing and rebuilding technology so it doesn’t hog your site’s server resources or slow your site down like other products
• It doesn’t compromise site stability for the sake of speed.
• It also lowers your bandwidth by shielding your site from hot-linking, bad bots and known site scrapers. That’s unique among caches.

Here’s a coupon that will save you substantially during this launch: 5off.

Check out this new software and get your own copy before that price increase, here: Viper Cache.

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