Data happens to be the key element in today’s marketing process. It helps marketers rightly analyze their segment, target the prospects and make sales.

Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck shared some suggestions to improve data-driven marketing in 2018. The suggestions come out from his conversation with Alex Sibois, Managing Director APAC at Lotame.

On using data to improve the digital customer experience, Rajeck says, “First off, brands can use data gathered while a user is on their site to improve their digital experience.

For example, marketers can collect information such as:

  • Campaign traffic source
  • Category page views
  • Product display pages clicked
  • Blog pages or other articles viewed

Then, from those events, brands can start building a profile which will attempt to identify the particular visitor’s intent. Armed with that information, marketers will be able to provide more personalized content in real-time to improve the digital customer experience”.

What now for data-driven marketing?


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