How your product looks makes a difference in how it is accepted and how much it earns for you. Face it, people do judge a book by its cover.

Your media covers (books, PDFs, DVDs, etc.) need attractive designs that cause people to stop and consider your product. You can hire expert designers or you can train yourself in Photoshop and in design principles, but now there’s a new option: PixleStudio FX, 2018 edition.

This new software makes creating attractive e-covers and other media graphics a breeze, using its collections of customizable templates, tools and graphic elements. Just plug in your title, add graphics, then position and size everything. You’re done.

PixleStudio FX, 2018 edition is 100% cloud based. That means that if your desktop s based on Linux, on Windows or Mac (or anything lese) you can use it as long as you have a web browser. Even tablets and mobile devices work with this software.

You just login and access the design power it offers online; all you need is an Internet connection.

Inside PixleStudio FX, 2018 edition, you will find 3D Models of many kinds of media, including Software Boxes, DVDs, Books, Reports, Magazines, Hardcovers And More.

In all, you are getting over 14,000 designs, 180+ fonts, 8,000+ stock images, 6,000 icons & 250 Award-Winning Templates.

PixleStudio FX, 2018 edition includes a commercial license so you are even allowed to make graphics for other businesses and keep all the receipts; there’s no royalty payment required.

There’s a neat demo of PixleStudio FX, 2018 edition on the sales page. They show you how a cover can be built in about 60 seconds.

Use the Promo Code “jayspecial” to get a $20 discount, for a limited time.

Check it out and get your own access here: PixleStudio FX, 2018 edition

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