HubSpot columnist Jeff Hoffman has shared a list of seventeen sales closing mistakes that the marketers make which ruin the sales closing process.

Hoffman says, “There are a handful of mistakes you need to avoid if you hope to be successful. Here are 17 of the most prevalent — and devastating — closing fumbles I see reps make.

17 Sales Closing Mistakes to Stop Making Right Now

1. Closing only once

You should consistently “close” throughout the sales process for three reasons: First, you’ll gradually secure greater and greater buy in from your prospect; second, you’ll filter out tire kickers; and third, you’ll get key information, meetings, introductions, and more.

For example, on your first call you might ask for the buyer’s cell phone number. Being able to call or text them directly (rather than going through their assistant or calling their work line) will make them much easier to contact.

At the end of the third meeting, you could ask them to connect you with procurement so you can start learning about their purchasing requirements. Not only will you have a head start over other vendors, you’ll seem more prepared and experienced”.

17 Sales Closing Mistakes That’ll Stop a Deal in Its Tracks


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