Gaining customer trust is the most important part of building your brand. Several marketers apply different tactics for this and sometimes such tactics are bad practices.

Entrepreneur contributor Sanjay Castelino has shared three strategies to help marketers build customer trust.

Castelino says, “When do marketers cross the line? And when do potential customers stop appreciating the offers and start feeling a little uneasy about them? Here are a few recommendations for using the data you capture in a way that can help boost trust among customers and prospects.

Use your data to add value to your customer’s day.

When using buyer data to target your campaigns, the most important thing to do is to add value to their day. Don’t reach out to potential customers just to say, “I see you downloaded a white paper from our site … would you like to chat?” In that scenario, the prospect will likely ignore your email and avoid coming back to your website. Instead, send prospects relevant, timely information through different types of collateral, such as an infographic, video or how-to, that further explains how to solve the problem they’re facing.

For example, if an IT buyer was reading Office 365 reviews online, send him or her an email about how to implement Office 365 and things to consider when moving to the cloud”.

3 Ways to Avoid Creepy Marketing Practices and Build Trust With Your Customers


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