Data rules today. In marketing it has become one of the most sensitive elements that empowers marketers and so they need to be very careful in analyzing the data and protecting it too.

To help marketers discover the secrets of data visualization to improve their marketing efforts, Content Marketing Institute columnist Clare McDermott has shared an informative article. McDermott addresses data visualization as dataviz.

McDermott says, “Let’s explore two practical and easy-to-understand ways marketers use dataviz as well as real-world cases showing how it’s applied.

Dataviz as marketing insight

The scenario Scott explains – living at a time of data abundance – is particularly true for marketers. Whether we are reviewing our analytics platforms, mining user data for insights, or reviewing sales performance to understand what variables are driving (or dampening) growth, visualizing this information is critical to make sense of what can be overwhelming detail.

Among the most interesting examples I’ve read of late is a case study published by Tableau (the data visualization software company) about its work with outdoor retailer REI. (You can read the full case here.) Managers across REI visualize owned data – online and in-store transactions, operations information, buyer demographics, etc. – to extract insights and improve customer experience”.

Dataviz: A Critical Skill for Modern Marketers

Content Marketing Institute

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