In marketing and selling, we often face objections from the prospects and customers. These objections are generally around price, product fit, competitors, and good old-fashioned brush offs.

Objection handling how we respond to the prospect or customers when they share a concern about the product or service.

HubSpot has published a guide to ‘Objection Handling’ covering 40 common sales objections and how to respond to such objections. 

On improving objection handling, Leslie Ye says, “Want to improve your sales objection handling technique? First, use the LAER model: Listen, Acknowledge, Explore, Respond.

Give your prospect a chance to talk, then repeat a summary back to them. Next, try to dig into the underlying reasons for the objection. (We’ll cover specific ones for each objection below.)

Finally, offer a neutral recommendation. Because you listened to the buyer and explored their rationale rather than giving a knee-jerk response, they’re usually willing to hear you out.

Keeping track of the objections you receive most often is also helpful. Once you know what to expect, you can devote extra time to practicing and refining your responses.

We also recommend sales reps use role plays to boost their objection handling abilities. Take turns with another rep on your team posing common objections (like any of the 40 on this list), answering, and then giving each other feedback”.

The Ultimate Guide to Objection Handling: 40 Common Sales Objections & How to Respond


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