It’s a fact that slow loading pages turn away impatient visitors and increase bounce rate for those who stay. The result is that you don’t get the benefit from the traffic you get:
► Your conversions are lower,
► Your bounce rates are higher,
► Your advertising costs are higher.

This has been proven over and over in real life. According to if your site takes 3 or more seconds to load you are losing 50% or more of your traffic due to visitor impatience.

The problem is especially great for your mobile users since their phones usually have slower connections than computers

As a result of these speed issues, your sites have to be fast. Your business depends on it.

In recent years there have been products that assist in speeding up slow sites. Unfortunately, most of the current optimization products focus only on cleaning your database or on caching.But there are bigger problems that also need to be addressed.

For example:
Problem #1 – Hosting connectivity: does your host have good channels to connect to the web?
Problem #2 – Server Hardware and configuration: Was your web server software set up right?
Problem #3 – Plugins and Themes: If they aren’t designed well, they can slow things down
Problem #4 – Bulky graphics files can be ruinous for page load speed
Problem #5 – Bloated Databases: Junk stored in your database slows down the server’s response
Problem #6 – Long Pages that aren’t optimized take a long time to transmit

Chris Hitman just released WP Optimiser to address all these speed-destroying problems.

This is designed to work for all WordPress sites and unless you have done a lot of speed optimization already, your site will probably benefit.

The product is currently on sale (over 50% off), and you can use the “5off” earlybird coupon if you are quick. Get your copy here: WP Optimiser.

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