Instagram Insights help you find out more information about your Instagram followers and the people interacting with your business on Instagram network.

HubSpot columnist Amanda Zantal-Wiener has shared a short guide to use Instagram Insights.

Amanda says, “To use Instagram Insights, you must first have a business profile. If you’re already using a personal account, you can switch to a business profile with a few steps:

  • Make sure your Instagram profile is public. Private profiles cannot be used as business ones.
  • Go to your profile and tap the gearshift wheel icon to visit your settings.
  • Tap “Switch to Business Profile.”
  • When prompted, select the Facebook Page you want to be associated with your Instagram profile. In order to have a Business Account, you must also have a Facebook Page for your brand — Instagram will give you the option to create a new one during this process if you don’t already have one”.

How to Use Instagram Insights


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