HubSpot has published a guide to Relationship Selling. The idea of relationship selling revolves around the development and nurturing of trust between the brand and its customers.

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Aha Frost says, “A transactional sale is quick and unpersonalized. This approach works well for low-cost, commoditized products, where it doesn’t make sense for the rep to invest in getting to know her buyers. Relationship selling, on the other hand, is effort- and research-intensive. It’s a good fit for high-cost solutions and/or customized solutions.

Relationship selling examples

You might think of relationship selling as an enterprise B2B strategy, and that’s certainly not wrong. Any rep working a $50,000+ deal is probably using relationship selling techniques — think a salesperson for corporate hiring software or a customized HR app.

But relationship selling also applies to consumer products. How well do you know your tailor? If they’re smart, they’ll develop a personal relationship with you so your loyalty extends beyond their abilities. What about your favorite hotel? Many nice ones keep meticulous track of their guests’ preferences, enabling them to create personalized experiences for anyone who returns”.

The Ultimate Guide to Relationship Selling

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