Entrepreneur contributor Perry Marshall has shared an article discussing the important elements of the Marketing’s 80/20 Principle.

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Marshall says, “First, it’s important to note that the numbers “80” and “20” aren’t carved in stone. Sometimes it’s 70/30, sometimes 60/40, 90/10 or 99/1. Keyword lists are very consistently 95/5. Since five percent of your keywords generate 95 percent of your traffic, you can optimize five percent of your keywords by peeling them out and sticking each one into its own unique ad group.

You get 95 percent of the optimization by doing five percent of the work!

“Peel and stick” is the single most important AdWords skill next to split testing. That’s because it allows you to happily ignore up to 95 percent of the stuff in your ad campaigns!”.

What You Really Need to Know About Marketing’s 80/20 Principle to Succeed