Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has shared four digital transformation secrets to help marketers achieve their transformation goals. Rajeck has shared the views of experts on present and future of digital transformaion.

Rajeck says, “Econsultancy recently invited dozens of client-side marketers to discuss their digital transformation experiences. At a roundtable hosted by Damien Cummings, CEO of Peoplewave and Principal Consultant at Econsultancy, participants provided insights about how digital transformation really works, with the main points summarized below.

1) Digital transformation is really about survival

The first secret revealed by attendees is that digital transformation is not about getting ahead of the competition.  Instead, for most firms, digital transformation is started to head off bankruptcy.

As one participant said, ‘with our digital transformation programme, we are trying to disrupt ourselves before being disrupted by others’.

The reason that struggling firms are more likely to adopt digital transformation is that transformation is not high on the priority list of profitable businesses. Instead, successful firms are under pressure to deliver short-term results, not long-term transformation strategies”.

Four digital transformation secrets, revealed


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