You have probably seen memes around the internet for several years, a picture (usually cute or funny) with a attention-getting headline. Now, there’s something more.

Cyril Gupta, well-know marketer in India, has released Memester, new software for creating video memes.

With this new software you can create memes based on GIFs and memes based on YouTube videos.

Memester will search YouTube by Keywords and convert YouTube videos directly into video-memes that you can place on your website or on social media.

Now you can integrate custom graphics and overlays over live videos. This lets you create call to actions that have sn indtant attraction for your viewers.

When you create these video memes, you can save them as MP4 files or GIFs and distribute to all your inline media accounts.

For example, you can syndicate your memes to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, using this new software. The old memes were nice, but video memes take the power up a notch.

And with Memester, you can spend a few hours making video memes and then schedule your posts for weeks to come, using its built-in scheduler.

IM NewsWatch worked with Cyril Gupta to arrange a collection of bonuses for you. Take a look at our bonueses and get more details on this new software here: Memester.

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