Programmatic ad segment is growing continuously. It comprises online ads and video to digital out-of-home, streaming, voice and TV.

According to Forbes, programmatic advertising enables better targeting of prospects, more highly relevant ads and higher quality conversions.

Econsultancy’s Ben Davis has shared eleven trends that might be seen in the next year.

Davis says, “What a year 2017 was for programmatic advertising! Surely, 2018 can only see more transparency and greater creative execution?

But I’m not the man to ask, so I went in search of some experts. Here’s what they said…

Less ‘channel-thinking’

Sacha Berlik, MD, The Trade Desk:

People don’t distinguish between different channels and devices, so neither should brands. I hope that 2018 will be the year that brands truly wake up to the fact that advertising should be omnichannel to reflect the needs of today’s consumers.

The most effective way to reach a target audience is to tell them a story across multiple channels – for example, serving ads on Spotify during the consumer’s morning commute, engaging them with an in-feed ad on LinkedIn during their lunch break, and again while they are surfing on mobile on their way home.

As the advertising ecosystem becomes increasingly fragmented, brands and agencies are looking for ‘one stop shop’ tech partners with a full stack of omnichannel inventory, rather than having to work with multiple vendors”.

Programmatic advertising trends in 2018: What do the experts predict?


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