Google has introduced rich results & the rich results testing tool to help webmasters make diagnosing their pages’ structured data easier. The new testing tool focuses on the structured data types that are eligible to be shown as rich results.

On using the new tool, Google’s Shachar Pooyae says, “Testing a page is easy: just open the testing tool, enter a URL, and review the output. If there are issues, the tool will highlight the invalid code in the page source. If you’re working with others on this page, the share-icon on the bottom-right lets you do that quickly. You can also use preview button to view all the different rich results the page is eligible for. And … once you’re happy with the result, use Submit To Google to fetch & index this page for search.

Want to get started with rich snippets rich results? Check out our guides for marking up your content. Feel free to drop by our Webmaster Help forums should you have any questions or get stuck; the awesome experts there can often help resolve issues and give you tips in no time!”.

Introducing Rich Results & the Rich Results Testing Tool

Google Webmasters

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