Right use of information to gain more customers and building your brand is very much essential. Quick assimilation, integration and analysis of data is required to use the information in proper manner.

Econsultancy has shared a six-point guide to data-driven transformation to help marketers successfully integrate data in their marketing efforts.

Jeff Rajeck says, “Nearly every business now has a company-wide programme to help it capitalize on recent advances in digital technology.

Commonly known as ‘digital transformation‘, this process could (and perhaps should) be thought of as ‘data-driven transformation’ considering how important data is to the whole process.

Reason being, unless data is captured, shared and utilized, any increased adoption of digital technology will be in vain. A competitor with the better data will most likely win in the end.

With this in mind, how can companies transform both digitally and with data? What are the issues that need to be considered?

To find out, Econsultancy recently invited dozens of marketers to discuss this and other topics over roundtable discussions.  At a table hosted by data experts David Brigham, Analytics Director, Mirum, and Zak Agus, Sales Director, SEA, Tealium, brand marketers revealed their thoughts on what was driving data-driven transformation at their organisations. The main points from the discussions are summarized below”.

The six-point guide to data-driven transformation

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