Econsultancy has shared a list of list of 10 must-have B2B marketing tools to help marketers perform better at the B2B marketing initiatives.

Chris Sheen says, “Whether you’re a marketing veteran, or are brand new to the game, keeping on top of the latest technologies and tools available is a tough ask.

To illustrate the point, there were a whopping 5,381 ‘solutions’ in ChiefMartec’s  annual ‘supergraphic’ showing the global technology landscape. The 2018 version is due to be released soon – and *spoiler alert* – that number is only going to rise.

When I was starting out in marketing it was easy to get lost in the swell of lists on ‘must-have’ technologies and tools. During the last five years at SaleCycle we have tried out (literally!) hundreds of different tools to try and improve performance.

This method of trial and error can be invigorating and has led to great breakthroughs, but the research process can become exhausting. I’ve always felt that what is missing is a ‘starter kit’ of useful tools for B2B marketers to try. And that’s what I’ve tried to provide here.

This is a list of ten tools that we use every single day. Of course, these tools are not exclusive to B2B marketing but I’m choosing to focus on our experience of the tools for this article”.

10 must-have B2B marketing tools


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