Irrespective of marketing a product or your own self, you need to make things presentable. Branding is all about influencing your prospects or recruiters.

HubSpot columnist Carly Stec has published a free guide to personal branding.

Stec says, “When you’re looking for a job, you should expect to be Googled. When you’re trying to land a speaking engagement for a big industry event, you should expect to be Googled. When you send a guest contributor pitch to a blog you admire, you should expect to be Googled.

The truth is, anyone that may end up working with you in some capacity wants to get a good idea of your work and your personality before responding to your email or getting you to schlep all the way into the office.

That’s where you personal brand comes in. Your personal brand refers to the way you present or market yourself, your skills, and your work. And if you want to get past that initial Google search, you’re going to want to develop a personal brand that accurately reflects what you’re capable of.

That’s why we put together the A to Z guide below. From consistency to networking, we’ll walk you through all of the elements that go into defining an impressive personal brand so you can feel good about those Google search results”.

Personal Branding: The Ultimate A to Z Guide


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