With the evolution of Artificial Intelligent, it has been possible now that your content is created automatically as per your needs and requirements. Here DOZ.com has shared some AI created articles.

Econsultancy columnist Magnus Linklater has published an informative article on AI for content creation focuing on human touch.

Linklater says, “When it comes to automation, our gut reaction is inevitably one of distrust. There are multiple factors to take into consideration when crafting content: marketing objectives, tone of voice, target audience, empathy and emotional context. It’s hard to see how a computerised solution could take all of this into account when churning out an 800 word article.

And yet it’s easy to see why there’s an increased interest in automated writing. Content marketing can present a conundrum to many businesses: namely, producing enough fresh, new content at a high enough standard on an ongoing basis within budget.

Marketers drawn to the benefits of automating their customer management, social channels, lead generation and email marketing have made a logical conclusion – that content is next. It’s time consuming and resource-heavy. Automation can help with all of this.

And as usual, investment starts with early adopters such as Facebook and Google. The latter party have always traditionally frowned upon programmatically generated content, but Google are investing in developing automated content solutions“.

Automated content is a thing – but should it be?


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